Modern Atlanta, affectionately referred to as MA, is pleased to announce the third annual MA Prize competition. MA Prize 2013 entries will be carefully selected by a prestigious international jury of practicing designers and scholars and will be displayed at this year's MA13 “Design in Human Week”. The event will be held from the 1st to the 9th of June 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia.

This year, MA Prize highlights bold and innovative design projects that allow us a fresh perspective on the idea of 'SHARE', or ‘SHIFT’ the way we perceive ‘SHARE’. We commonly understand the idea of share as a fairly simple concept: when two different parts interact with each other to produce a new outcome. But, what does sharing mean to design; or what can design provide to sharing? The prize will be given to outstanding ideas of creative minds addressing various issues related to share through the implementation of design thinking

MA Prize 2013 welcomes design projects of all scales with forward-looking ideas that can shape the future, as well as solve problems currently facing the human race. It could be a creative public space design idea, objects we share with others, or even a communication design which makes sharing much more fun and desirable. The design idea can be built or theoretical as long as it showcases innovative, forward-thinking concepts of share across various design practices. The competition is open to all individuals, firms, groups, and students.

Please visit to learn more about MA and the annual Design is Human Week event.